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Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of frequently asked self storage questions and their answers here.

What is self-storage and how does it work?

Renting a storage unit is a great solution for clearing up some much-needed space at home or for holding onto much-needed business items. All of our storage facilities offer clean, secure storage solutions at affordable prices.

What is the difference between interior and exterior access units?

Interior access units mean that a tenant must enter a building through a door and move belongings through hallway areas and doors to place items into their storage unit. We provide platform trucks (carts) in these locations. Interior access units may also be temperature or humidity-controlled.

Exterior access (drive-up) units are accessible from outside; a tenant can drive a vehicle right up to the door of the unit.

How much does self-storage cost?

Our rates vary between unit sizes and types of storage. For more information about our pricing, check out our locations.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about renting a unit.

Is there 24-hour access to your storage facilities?

We DO NOT allow 24-hour access to storage facilities, but we have convenient access hours to facilities 7 days a week for your storage needs. The website shows the access hours for each location.

Do you offer rental trucks, moving or delivery services?

While we DO NOT provide rental trucks, moving or receiving services in ourself-storage facilities. We can recommend a local moving company for your needs. Please contact our facility manager for information.

Can I store vehicles in my storage unit?

We do offer car, quad, or motorcycle storage in the units of our drive-up facilities (Scranton or Mid-Valley locations). The Mid-Valley facility also offers outdoor parking for cars, trucks, boats, and RVs.

Our indoor storage facilities in Kingston and Blakely (Peckville) cannot accommodate vehicles in storage units, and there is no outdoor parking available for vehicles in those locations.

What should I do before storing a vehicle?

Be sure to remove anything that might spoil or rot before you store your vehicle and turn off any electronics. Some renters prefer to clean their vehicle before storage so it's pristine and ready when they need it next. 

Make sure that your vehicle is fully registered, insured, and in running condition!

For more tips, take a look at our storage tips!

Can I live in my vehicle?

While we're happy to have you store your vehicle with us, we cannot allow anyone to live on the property. Living in your vehicle is against the terms of our rental agreement and can result in legal action and immediate eviction/towing of your vehicle.

Can I do repairs on my vehicle at the storage facility?

While we encourage you to store your vehicle with us, we cannot allow any repairs or workshops on the property, either inside storage units or in common areas on the premises. This goes against the terms of our rental agreement and can result in legal action and immediate eviction/towing of your vehicle.

Are there security cameras in the facility?

All of our storage facilities are equipped with security cameras, access doors or electronic gates, and security lighting for the safety and security of your contents.

What is the storage unit height in the facility?

The most common ceiling height in our storage facilities is nine feet.

What are the common sizes and types of storage units?

Unit sizes of 5*5, 5*10, 10*10, 10*15, and 10*20 are the most common sizes at our facilities, but we have smaller and larger sizes for your needs.

Can I use storage unit as office to run business?

Our storage units are not suited to use as an office but are great for storing some business inventory, like tools, parts, or materials. We require the name and address of the company and authorized representative upon move-in.

Are there any items that I am NOT able to store?

We DO NOT permit the storage of explosives, flammable liquids, hazardous and toxic materials, food and perishables, weapons, coins, art, collectibles, wet, dead, or living things, or open gasoline. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding a specific item.

Can I use electricity or make alterations to storage unit?

Use of electricity or any changes/alterations/improvements to storage units by tenants is NOT permitted and violates our rental agreement.

What is the best way to pack a unit?

Larger and more infrequently used items should go in the back of the unit. Remember to keep a walkway in the center of your unit to access items more easily. Always keep items labeled and a list of items stored. Even a photo on the outside of each box will allow you to "see" what's inside. It’s recommended to pack items in plastic containers and boxes and cover large items, like furniture or mattresses. 

For other helpful packing and organizing tips, check out our storage tips page.

What are some helpful tips for moving into my unit?

We pride ourselves on making things as simple as possible for our customers. For helpful tips on packing and organizing your unit, visit our storage tips page.

Can I live in my storage unit?

We do not allow anyone to live in our self-storage units or any other areas inside or outside the premises. Tenants are not permitted to enter the facilities past the published access times. Staying in the storage unit or anywhere else on the premises is against the terms of our rental agreement and can result in legal action and immediate eviction.

What do I do if there is a problem or damage in my storage unit?

In case of any issues with your storage unit, please contact our facility manager during business hours, and they will discuss the next steps with you.

Can I change the storage unit’s size once I moved in?

We can help you switch to another sized unit depending on availability. Please contact our facility manager for options.

I am having trouble with e-signing rental documents, what do I do?

If you are having issues or difficulties with signing rental documents online, please contact our facility manager for help or schedule an office visit to sign the documents. The lease and other move-in documents must be signed within 48 hours of the rental date.

My newly rented storage unit has a blue disc lock, how do I remove it?

You will receive an email with the unlock code for the blue Davinci lock on the storage unit. After removing the Davinci lock, please return it to the lock Dropbox. Inside your storage unit, you will have a brand new disc lock to secure it.

Drop box locations for blue Davinci lock return:
- Kingston facility- located at each entrance lobby
- Scranton facility - located to right of office door
- Mid Valley Facility - located on the side of unit M11 near electric meters
- Blakely Facility - located by the mailbox near the side door to the office building.

Will my storage unit rate stay the same till the end of my rental?

Although we strive to keep prices of storage units affordable and to a minimum, rent increases are necessary periodically due to increasing operating costs and facility improvements.

I need to store items for couple of weeks only, can I pay daily rate?

Our minimum rent is one month. Upon move-out, initial and prepaid rent is not refundable.

Does your storage facility offer rental promotions?

Yes, we usually have promotions running, one promo per new customer. Please check our website or contact our facility manager for the current promotion available.

What are my options for renting a storage unit?

You can rent storage units on our website 24/7, over the phone, or onsite during office hours.

What documents do I need to rent a storage unit?

You will have to provide government ID information and contact information along with credit/debit card information for autopay. For storing a vehicle, we will need vehicle registration, insurance information, and plate number.

How do I pay for my storage unit?

Our storage facilities require monthly autopay by credit or debit card. If you need to arrange a one-time payment, please contact our facility manager for payment policies and options.

Is my storage unit rental month-to-month?

Yes, all rent is paid in advance, in full, on a month-to-month basis via Autopay. Initial and prepaid rent is not refundable.

Can I have my storage unit items insured?

Our rentals require tenant insurance for safe and secure storage of your belongings. Please contact our facility manager if you need to increase your insurance or if you want to use your homeowner’s policy to cover your storage unit (if it includes offsite storage coverage).

How do I end my rental?

We ask tenants to notify us regarding upcoming move-outs day ten (10) business days in advance. You can choose the “Contact Us” feature to notify us or e-mail us at

There is no proration for moving out. Rent must be current, and the unit must be empty and broom-cleaned with the lock removed. The facility manager will inspect your unit and close out the rental agreement if move-out terms and policies have been met.

Is there a lock provided with my new rental?

Yes, a disc lock is provided to secure your storage unit. Tenant is only permitted to use one lock on their storage unit. The lock may be kept after move-out.

What happens if I am late with my payment?

Your monthly rent is due on the same day each month; if you don’t make payment within 15 days, you will be charged a late fee on the 16th and 30 days of each rental month. Your unit may also be overlocked and access to the facility denied. For further information, please review your lease or contact our facility manager.

Can my belongings be auctioned if I am late with my payment?

In case of non-payment, your storage unit can be placed for auction according to state lien laws. Please make full payment as soon as possible and call our facility manager to discuss your options and make payment arrangements. In case of non-payment for stored vehicles, your vehicle may be towed in lieu of auction.

What can I use my website customer portal for?

You will have 24/7 access to your account to make one-time payments, update your credit card information for autopay, and/or update your contact information. You can also use the “Contact Us” feature to notify us of upcoming move-outs.

How can I receive or change my facility access code?

You can view your access code on your lease or call our facility for assistance. To request a change of access code, please contact our facility manager during business hours.

What if I lost or broke my storage unit lock key?

Please contact our facility manager during business hours to arrange the lock cut service, which the facility provides at an extra charge.

Can I transfer my storage unit to someone else?

Please contact our facility manager regarding making any changes to your storage unit agreement.

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